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Your feet do more than support your weight and keep you mobile. They carry you throughout life. It’s no wonder they are subject to wear and tear over the years, making it difficult to walk without discomfort.

While many of us take our feet for granted, it’s crucial to care for your feet on a daily basis, especially with advancing age. Your shoe size can change throughout adulthood, causing shoes to fit too tight and constrict your toes. If you’re not regularly updating your footwear, you could soon face issues such as hammertoe or bunions. Other common problems that affect elderly patients include arch pain, osteoarthritis, fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and general foot pain and soreness. Without proper treatment, these conditions can cause significant discomfort and even limit mobility.

Whether you are battling foot pain from arthritis, painful bony growths, ingrown nails, or corns from ill-fitting shoes, Geriatric Foot Care in Ann Arbor has a solution. Our mission is to have you walking through life with less pain and more freedom of movement so you can continue doing all the activities that bring you joy.

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Caring for your feet becomes more challenging with age. Conditions like degenerative arthritis can make even simple tasks like cutting your toenails feel like an obstacle. If chronic foot pain, stiffness, ingrowns, thick toenails, or joint deformities are holding you back from getting the most enjoyment out of life, it’s time to turn to a podiatrist for help. As compassionate, highly qualified podiatrists in Ann Arbor, Geriatric Foot Care will arm you with tools to keep your feet in pristine condition at any age.

After receiving personalized Geriatric Foot Care Ann Arbor patients experience profound, lasting foot pain relief so they can continue doing what they love. From custom orthotics and physical therapy to the latest surgical and minimally invasive treatments, our Podiatrists are dedicated to helping patients get back on their feet and living their best lives.

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