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A hammertoe doesn't just change how a toe looks; it can also hurt so much that it makes walking hard. Since it is considered a toe deformity, it may also make it hard for you to find shoes that fit. A podiatrist can help with simple treatments, but some people may also need surgery to fix the problem.

The Foot & Ankle Centers specialize in Hammertoe Surgery in Ann Arbor and work with you to create a treatment and physical therapy plan that meets your needs. Learn more about how our expert foot and ankle doctors use advanced technology to assess your issues and customize a unique treatment plan. Schedule your consultation at our Washtenaw County location. We serve the communities of Ann Arbor, Dexter, Saline, Ypsilanti, and surrounding areas.

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Ann Arbor hammertoe surgery model with blue pants

What are Hammertoes?

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An imbalance in the foot's ligaments, tendons, or muscles leads to the development of the foot deformity known as a hammertoe and prevents the toe from lying flat like the other toes, causing it to remain bent at the joint.

This problem typically affects the second, third, or fourth toe. Hammertoes can be brought on by poor footwear, specific medical issues, or trauma. In addition, when your toes rub against one another, your hammertoe may cause corns or calluses on your foot.

Am I a good candidate for Hammertoe Surgery?

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Age and gender impact the probability of developing a hammertoe. Additionally, women are more likely than men to acquire a hammertoe.

Age also increases your likelihood of developing this issue. Certain conditions, including arthritis and diabetes, are known to increase the probability of developing hammertoes.

You should avoid hammertoe surgery if you have poor circulation in your feet, a current infection, or other health issues that would make surgery unsafe. When other health issues improve, however, an Ann Arbor Hammertoe Surgery may be feasible. Surgery is typically the last resort if self-care, exercise, and specialized treatment are ineffective. Most foot and ankle surgeries are performed to repair hammertoes and reduce discomfort. During your consultation, your doctor will assess your hammertoe to determine if surgery is the appropriate treatment option.

Your Hammertoe Procedure

Advanced & Personalized Surgery

Typically, Hammertoe Surgery is performed as an outpatient treatment.

You may be administered general anesthesia so that you are unconscious throughout the entire surgery. However, your doctor may elect to perform the surgery without general anesthesia and instead utilize numbing medications to ensure you cannot feel the work being performed on your foot.

Discuss your choices with your doctor. Depending on the severity of your Hammertoe, your treatment will vary. If the toe is flexible enough, the surgeon may be able to do a tendon transfer. This entails diverting tendons from the bottom of the bent toe to its top. The redirected tendons can then assist with toe alignment. If your hammertoe has become rigid, the surgeon has two treatment options: joint excision or fusion.

Hammertoe Surgery Recovery

Overcome Your Hammertoe

Following your Hammertoe Surgery, a full recovery could take several weeks. The type of surgery will dictate your recovery timeline. You may be fitted for a specific shoe to wear while you're recovering to help with walking or require the use of a walker or crutches.

In the initial two weeks following your surgery, you should strive to keep your foot elevated the majority of the time. This will relieve stress on the toe and promote healing. There may be some swelling at the toe. The pain should subside quickly following the operation, although swelling could continue for up to a year. A few weeks following the procedure, any pins or screws in your toe may be removed. If the procedure was on your right foot, you would need to refrain from driving for a few weeks. Ask your doctor whether there are any limitations on driving or other activities. Additionally, you shouldn't submerge your foot in water until the pins or screws have been taken out.

Ann Arbor hammertoe surgery model with blue pants

Hammertoe Surgery Results

In the odd event that your hammertoe reappears, more surgery might be required. More frequently, you might only be able to bend your toe minimally. However, It shouldn't impact how you walk or balance. You'll most likely need to avoid toe-squeezing footwear, including high heels. With Hammertoe Surgery Ann Arbor patients can help to eliminate discomfort and improve the aesthetic appearance of your foot.

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Specialized Hammertoe Care

If you are unable to bend your toe, the only way to restore movement or straighten is through surgery. Repositioning the toe, removing malformed or broken bone, and realigning your tendons and joints are all surgically possible.

Typically, surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home the same day. As soon as you feel you have a foot or ankle condition that may require surgery, you should meet with one of our specialists to discuss the best course of action. Learn more about Foot & Ankle surgery at the Ann Arbor location of Arbor - Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers. Call today.

Hammertoe Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

During your procedure, you won't feel any pain. However, you might have some pain and swelling after surgery. But you can get over-the-counter medicines to help with any discomfort.

Do I really need surgery on my hammertoe?

If you don't get treatment soon enough, your other toes may change shape because the hammertoe pulls them out of place. As soon as a diagnosis is made, starting treatment is best.

How much does it cost?

The cost will vary based on the severity of your hammertoe and the type of surgery you require. Your health insurance should cover all or a portion of the costs associated with your medically necessary operation. However, if you do not have insurance or have a high deductible and need assistance, inquire about our financing and payment alternatives during your consultation.

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