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At Arbor - Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers, minimally invasive foot surgery is one of our primary podiatry procedures. Bunions, hammertoes, stiff big toes, painful calluses, diabetic foot ulcerations, heel pain, and many other painful foot diseases and ailments can all be treated with Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery in Ann Arbor. Since these procedures use tiny incisions, you can leave our center the same day.

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What is Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery?

Your Alternative

Minimally invasive foot surgery refers to a surgical procedure performed with a very small incision and minimal or no suturing. Through these exceedingly small incisions, your surgeon may insert instruments specifically tailored for the operation and offer minimal or no damage to your nearby tissue.

Your Ann Arbor Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery makes predicting and regulating a patient's recovery and results easier. Our highly trained surgeons undertake extensive training to perform minimally invasive foot procedures. Only after significant ongoing education, seminars, and fellowship within the minimally invasive foot surgery community do they acquire these specialized surgical abilities.

What are the benefits of Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery?

When Less is More

The advantages of minimally invasive foot procedures include the following:

Shorter Recovery

With Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery, there are fewer soft tissue injuries. In addition, minimally invasive surgery uses far smaller incisions, resulting in less tissue trauma and a shorter recovery period when compared to traditional open surgery, which involves large incisions that may cause greater soft tissue trauma.

Less anesthesia

Due to the nature of Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery treatments, patients frequently remain awake during surgery, avoiding the need for a general anesthetic. Therefore, during these operations, only the foot is rendered unconscious. This expands surgical options for patients whose medical history may have previously deemed them unfit for regular procedures.

Less pain

According to studies, individuals receiving Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery report less pain than those undergoing conventional surgery. As a result, minimally invasive surgery patients use less pain medication. Due to the small incision, surgical times for minimally invasive foot operations are typically lower than those for conventional open procedures.

Less scarring

Due to the smaller incisions used during Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgeries, the resulting scars are smaller and less apparent. When scars do occur, they are typically less jagged than those produced by conventional open procedures.

Your Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery Consultation

How to Prepare

Your minimally invasive foot specialist may inquire about when you first had pain and how rapidly it has progressed.

In addition, your doctor will want answers to the following information:

  • On a scale from one to ten, how much suffering have you endured?
  • Have you tried any kind of treatment?
  • In addition, you may be asked what type of shoes you typically wear and if your occupation demands you to be on your feet for extended periods of time.


A comprehensive physical examination of the foot and ankle is performed to evaluate your skeletal structure and alignment. The mobility of your foot is assessed to identify if a particular condition, such as a bunion, limits the normal range of motion or causes discomfort, numbness, or tingling in your toe or foot. Your doctor


A foot X-ray is performed to assess your condition's severity and help decide the most effective minimally-invasive foot surgery, if necessary. If arthritis is present and additional bones in the foot or toes have been impacted, this X-ray will help your doctor visualize your best treatment option.

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Meet Our Experts in Washtenaw County

At our office in Ann Arbor Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery is performed with a tiny incision and minimal or no suturing.

Our highly trained surgeons undertake extensive training to perform minimally invasive foot procedures.

Call Arbor - Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers to schedule a consultation if you are interested in our Minimally-Invasive Foot Surgery in Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Ypsilanti, or other areas of Washtenaw County.

Minimally-invasive Foot Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Will it hurt?

Local anesthetics are administered during your minimally-invasive surgery. You will not experience any pain. However, as you seek to regain function, generally through physical therapy, the rehabilitation process may cause you some discomfort. You may consult your doctor about medicines you can use to alleviate any pain.

Are there non-surgical options available?

During your consultation, your doctor will discuss all of your surgical and non-surgical options based on your examination. While surgery may be inevitable for long-lasting pain relief, more immediate and non-surgical options include, wearing properly fitted shoes, wearing custom foot orthotics, use ice to reduce swelling and inflammation, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications.

How much does it cost?

Each patient's surgical cost varies depending on your foot issue and the type of surgery needed to address it. Your insurer should cover your medically necessary operation in whole or in part. However, ask about our financing or payment options during your consultation.

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