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Athletes, men, women, and children—those who are frequently involved in sporting activities, are generally at a higher risk of getting a foot or ankle injury. Overuse and intense pressure placed on muscles, ligaments, and tendons of the lower extremity are typically caused by repetitive motions that often cause stress and lead to injury of the foot or ankle.

Some of the most common injuries caused by sporting activities include ankle sprains, peroneal tendonitis, stress fractures, chronic ankle instability, heel pain, injury to the Achilles tendon, and injury to the sesamoid bones. If you’re frequently involved in sporting activities and would like more information on how to best protect your foot and ankle, we recommend you speak with one of our podiatrists at Arbor-Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers for your Ann Arbor Sports Medicine professional care and advice.

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What is Sports Medicine?

Speciality Treatment

In Washtenaw County, we treat sports and exercise-related injuries using a variety of physical therapy techniques meant to alleviate pain and promote healing. Our mission is to assist patients in continuing to play or perform at their highest level.

Sports in which ankle sprains commonly occur include soccer, tennis, and cheerleading. Ankle sprains are caused by a tear in the ligament of the ankle, which typically occurs when the foot is rolled in an awkward manner. Other injuries include strained muscles, tendonitis, and Plantar Fasciitis. Ankle sprains are usually accompanied with bruising, swelling, and pain. Those who have sprained an ankle in the past may run the risk of developing chronic ankle instability. Those with this condition will generally feel a persistent pain, swelling, and tenderness in the ankle, and may experience the sensation of the ankle giving way when performing everyday activities. For some of the best Sports Medicine Ann Arbor has to offer, call us at (734) 975-1700 to schedule a consultation.

What are the benefits of Sports Medicine?

Specialized Care

Specific Treatment

Our Sports Medicine - trained physicians treat athletes, fitness professionals, and active families. They are familiar with the effects of sports and exercise on patient's bodies, such as repetitive motion injuries. Our doctors will collaborate with you and physical therapists to design individualized treatment programs for each patient.

Enhanced Injury and Re-Injury Preventive Measures

As a result, our doctors provide patients with expert advice and instructions on preventing injuries and avoiding re-injury of previously injured areas. Our patients can undergo pre-participation physical tests to ensure they are ready to resume activities. Our doctors can then assist both professional and amateur athletes in making crucial "return to play" choices.

Superior Athletic Efficiency

Frequently, Sports Medicine specialists are involved in the development of individualized training regimens based on an athlete's specific demands, capabilities, and shortcomings. These professionals have the expertise and resources necessary to assess an athlete's anatomical strengths and weaknesses, prescribe training regimens, and identify areas for improvement.

Types of Sports Medicine Treatments

Get Back to Your Best

We employ specialized physical therapy for Sports Medicine in Ann Arbor, such as effective pain management and rehabilitation. Our therapeutic approaches include:

  • Strength training
  • Strength conditioning
  • Guided exercises to stretch targeted muscles
  • Skill and strength development for important muscle groups
  • Dry needling to help reduce tension, minimize pain, and promote healing

We assist patients by using the proper therapies to target areas of weakness, strain, or damage directly.

Your Personalized Approach

Our Difference

To treat sports injuries well and make sure you heal completely, our Sports Medicine team has a lot of training in sports medicine and more than a decade of experience helping patients regain their range of motion, get rid of pain, and meet the unique physical demands that sports and exercise put on the body. Learn more about how our Sports Medicine approach can help you get back to your game of choice and show you how to prevent recurring injuries. Schedule your private consultation at Arbor - Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers today.

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Peak Performance is Possible

We know that getting hurt can feel like more than just a small setback. On your way back to normal, you may need surgery, physical therapy, time to heal, and more practice. Our experienced, dedicated team is ready to help you understand the next steps and make the best plan for optimal recovery, treatment of an old injury, or preventative physical therapy to avoid injury and stay healthy in the long term.

Refuse to let an injury keep you from participating or to put up with the pain and restricted range of motion that comes with it! At Arbor - Ypsi Foot & Ankle Centers in Ann Arbor, we offer Sports Medicine and physical therapy that will allow you to continue to participate in the activities you enjoy and maintain full, comfortable mobility. Schedule your consultation today.

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